Curtis Pierre "The Samba Man" of New Orleans


(*)means the complete family used in the ensemble.

Shakere, Bongos, LP Congas, Timbales, Trap Set, Various LP Percussion, Saba (Senegal), Etupan set*, Fontom Fons', Tamalin, Bata Drums*, Slit drums, Umbalaphone, Djembe Ensemble*, Udus*(my own creation type), Brazilian Samba School Ensemble*, Capoeira Ensemble* and Atabaqes*, water phone, talking drum (squeeze drum) ASR"X"PRO, Ensonqui XL-7,ZOOM 1234-Drum Machine, Roland Octopad-80, Roland Sound Pad 80, Korg M-1. Amazon rainforest and ocean front sound interpretations and a large collection of self created exotic percussion instruments and 8 million Pandeiros.( just kiddin ) only about 60.


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